Wireless Broadband Internet

What is wireless broadband

Wireless broadband is high-speed Internet and data service delivered through a wireless local area network  ( WLAN ) or wide area network ( WWAN ).

As with other wireless service, wireless broadband may be either fixed or mobile. A fixed wireless service provides wireless Internet for devices in relatively permanent locations, such as homes and offices. Fixed wireless broadband technologies include LMDS (Local Multipoint Distribution System) and MMDS (Multichannel Multipoint Distribution Service) systems for broadband microwave wireless transmission direct from a local antenna to homes and businesses within a line-of-sight radius. The service is similar to that provided through digital subscriber line (DSL) or Cable modem but the method of transmission is wireless.

Internet Plans

internet plansSee more Internet plans here

Fixed Internet Options

There is an incredible array of internet options available for the many different kinds of internet users out there. But what kinds of things should you consider when choosing an internet-plans

Different Internet Speeds For Different Users

Depending on what you want your internet plan for, you might require varying speeds.

Contract Length

All sorts of contract lengths are available across a variety of internet plans. There are even some for which you do not have to sign any contract for. Contracts can range between 3 and 12 months.

If a contract isn’t for you, there are also month-by-month or pre-paid options offered by most internet providers.

Download Limits with your Internet Options

If you are a light internet user, then you may only need a small download limit each month. However if you are a heavier user and like to download lots of files or visit content heavy websites, then you probably will need a larger download limit, or a 512kbps plan with unlimited downloads or above.


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