Data Backup

Online Data Backup service

Hard drive crashes and loss of laptops are the most common forms of data loss. Recovering lost personal data is both expensive and painful. Many businesses have gone to great extents  to back-up and protect  server data. Unfortunately they don’t  have a steady or rather economical strategy to back-up vital data to be found on or in users’ PCs.

online data backup

Saving data and files on the computer hard drive is not the most secure way to back up your data. Most computer users do not backup up their data be it on an external hard drive or other external devices. This means that businesses face potential risks of critical data loss due to common hazards such as file deletion, corruption, virus, human error or even hardware failure.

Online data backup service refers to a service that provides an online backup web application as well as a storage space particularly for the principle of making backup copies of data to a data storage facility via the internet. The storage facility could be an online server or a remote computer.

How does Online Backup Service Work

Online backup is a form of offsite data backup. Your files and folders containing your data are backed up onto an external remote server. The files are then mirrored to other servers so as to further protect your data.

When the data in your personal computer is lost or stolen, you connect to the remote computer or server and restore your data. This information can be accessed from any location worldwide, hence, secure offsite data backup is very convenient for those who travel and have businesses in many locations.

Advantages of Online Data Backup

When your data is stored on an online server you reduce the risk of your business data getting lost as a result of fire or other natural disasters, and the risk of losing your information through theft is mitigated.

Security of your data is assured. When sending files and folders your computer encrypts your files . The files and folders are then secured with password protection. This ensures that your information cannot be accessed without authorization.

In the case of your hard disk failure or hardware failure you require no hardware to maintain or repair. This minimizes the cost you would incur when recovering your data from the hard drive.

Automatic data backup or auto backup software, ensures that your data is backed up periodically. This means that the time taken to backup  is reduced considerably. The automated schedule ensures that time is saved hence boosting productivity.

Some of the advantages of backing up your data online are the many features that come with it, including  remote data access and synching. This makes  your data available anywhere in the world at any time

In case of a disaster or loss of data it allows you to retrieve single files or a full restore, from anywhere with an internet connection. You can restore files you need to work on immediately and easily, reducing  the time to setup and begin working .

Online Data Backup is scalable. This means as your business data grows the limit on your account is increased easily. This means that your business does not need to buy additional hardware to cater to the increase in storage.

Effective Cost – Compared with other backup solutions such as tape, online data backup is very cost effective. There are no initial costs for hardware or setup and the price reduces the more your data grows

Provide an what would be regarded as easy to use interface. The console gives simple account management for customized or pre-configured backup and recovery settings.



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