How-to stop getting tracked in your Browser

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Your tired with Ads following you everywhere? Stop those

we suggest:


These default browser settings impact your privacy by sharing your Web traffic to carry out their functions. You may want to consider disabling them if this tracking outweighs their benefits for you personally.

  • Block reported attack sites
  • Block reported web forgeries

Firefox(Tools), Options, Options unchecked settings in firefox

Common Tracking Methods

HTTP Cookies

HTTP cookies or “browser cookies” are small pieces of data sent between your Web browser and a Web site, commonly used to track users, even across multiple Web sites. Cookies can be used to help build a profile about you based on the links you’ve clicked and other actions you’ve taken on various Web sites. These profiles can then be used to serve personalized advertisements and search results. However, cookies can also be used for non-tracking purposes, such as storing user settings or keeping you logged in.

Learn more about Cookies

To fix, look for this icon in the above and below sections:

Other Tools to Consider

DoNotTrack Me
  • Blocks third-party trackers on sites.

Add to Browser

adblock plus
Adblock Plus
  • Blocks intrusive ads.

Add to Browser

  • Blocks scripts.

Note: use of a script blocker may interfere with the way some websites work.

Add to Browser


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