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Cracked software would never expire and it is easy to get many of them on the net. Most of the modern and sophisticated software have features like online and live help desk and computer support. If one tries to save on the cost of software then they may end up paying more in the long run.
There are reasons why one should avoid pirated or cracked software at all.

The cracked or pirated software are illegal and this fact is known by many of us. What many of us do not think is that we may get into trouble when we use these pirated software. More and more software developers are putting flags inside their software so that they could find out if the download is licensed or not. So it is better to be aware and not get into trouble for downloading an application free on the internet.

Most of the software that we use must upgrade regularly. This software is connected to the host server of the software developer so that updates and fixes can be obtained. If one uses the cracked software then this is never possible. If the software is not getting upgraded regularly then it is of no use after some time. The paid software with a license means that all the future updates are included in it.

When you buy cracked software and then have any problem with your application then you cannot get any support to resolve that problem. Online support and other help desk tools are provided for software but pirated software does not have any warranty so it is very difficult to get support in case of problems.

You must restrain yourself from the temptations of downloading the cracked software as you are getting them on the net free of cost and are not aware about the actual content. The software could be malware that are designed to infect your system. When you download the free copy of the software, you may find that it is not working at all and on top of that your system is not working any more. So you land up calling the computer repair professionals.One can try out software before
buying it. There is a trial period for software. This time is enough to decide whether you should invest money in buying the software or not. So if you have such a liberty why bother yourself and land-up buying cracked software


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